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Jul. 1, 2017
Relocated Nihon Kohnetsu India Pvt. Ltd.
Jan. 25, 2015
Relocated Toyota Office
Mar. 20, 2014
Relocated Nihon Kohnetsu India Pvt. Ltd.
Oct. 6, 2010
We have unveiled our new product, Non-contact Style Permanent Magnet Type
Aluminum Chip Melting System, on our website of products introduction.
Apr. 13, 2010
Our third overseas affiliated company Nihon Kohnetsu India Pvt. Ltd. has established in Gurgaon, India.
July 17, 2009
We have received the commendation of continuing no accident from Toyota Motor Company Safety and Health Association.
Mar. 20, 2009
Relaunched our website.
Feb. 2008
We have received certificate of registration for ISO14001 environment management system.
Apr. 2007


Environment Policy

Certificate of resistration for ISO14001 is received.

Nihon Kohnetsu Industrial
5-19-16 Biwajima, Nishi-ku,
Nagoya 451-0053 JAPAN
TEL +81-52-521-5411
FAX +81-52-521-5415


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