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We have one of corporate philosophy "Firm Technology" and we can cover and satisfy all needs, which are not only such custom-made products as "Melting furnace", "Holding furnace", "Heat treatment furnace" and so on but also such various plant systems as "Industrial machines" and "Casting facilities" which are indispensable for the heat processing product line.

"What sort of industrial furnaces are the customers seeking out and what are they in themselves?"
We have developed and created our own high-heat technology and the products with the above slogan in mind for more than 60 years since established in 1949.

We are proud of the supply experience to many large enterprises, principally the automobile industry. We obtain rigid trust and relief as an industrial furnace manufacturer which can support the latest technology for the various industries.

You can leave anything to us for various industrial furnaces and incidental equipment. We are confident that we will contribute to the development of your company.

Takehiro Sakai President



Environment Policy

Certificate of resistration for ISO14001 is received.

Nihon Kohnetsu Industrial
5-19-16 Biwajima, Nishi-ku,
Nagoya 451-0053 JAPAN
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